Originally published in Range magazine

The Insider’s Guide to Park City

Skis are on the roof. Johnny Cash is walking the line on the radio. There’s hot coffee in the console. The drive to Park City’s first entrance is 25 minutes from my garage door in Salt Lake City and today I’m counting every second. Last...
Originally published in Salt Lake magazine

Learn to Ski!

When to go: Look out the window. Is there snow on the mountains? This is when people who know how to ski are skiing. We know. It’s cold.  Why learn now? No idea. You’re the one who moved to Utah. You’re like, “Mom. No. I’m...
Originally published in The Inertia

The Central Wasatch is a Damn National Treasure, Let’s Make It Official

If you are a Utah skier, boarder, hiker, or mountain biker—or, if you dig coming to Utah to do those things, which you should—you need to know about the effort to create the Central Wasatch National Conservation Recreation Area. This is a big deal for...
Originally published in Utah Explorer's Guide

The Ghosts of Cedar Mesa

“Good spot guys,” I mutter to the ghosts as I dump my pack onto the grass at the side of the  trail. “Now, how did you get all that up there?”I’ve discovered yet another riddle of the ancients down here on Cedar Mesa, a plundered...